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raf raf cloth diaper testimonial review    raf raf cloth diaper testimonial review

raf raf cloth diaper testimonial review    raf raf baby cloth diaper testimonial review


I have 20 month old twin boys and
have been using Bumgenius diapers since they were born.

I really like the (Raf Raf) nappy. I find that it is as good
as the bumgenius one in terms of absorpency and fit. In
addition I like that the liner is removable which makes it
easier to wash. The liner is also very absorbent. It still
leaked after about 4 hours of use which is about the same as
the bumgenius.

Also the stud closure is very good.

Thank you,
Lisa Wong

Dear Raf Raf,

This letter extends our appreciation towards your generous contribution to help
the disadvantaged families from our centres.

The Bamboo Cloth diaper is simple to use and also chemical free. At the same
time, parents will enjoy huge savings on diapers for their children. Client who
used to spend $90 per month on diapers, now only spends $25 per year. Thank
you for your commendable efforts to reduce expenses on diapers.

Yours truly,

Sandra Loo
Counsellor/Team Leader
Whispering Hearts

<Beneficiary parents were taught how to use Raf Raf Cloth Diapers and
received 5 sets of diapers & extra inserts each.>

P.S. At Raf Raf, we feel blessed to be able to give & contribute! :)
raf raf bamboo cloth diapers
I am amazed at how absorbent the nappy is and how the nappy (specially the elastics) fit my baby's bum and crotch. No garter marks and it doesnt irritate my baby's skin even if she used it for 6-8 hours.

I usually let her use rafraf nappies when we go out or when we travel for 4-5 hrs coz i need not to worry about leaks and irritation. My baby's so comfortable in it and i'm happy with the nappy's performance! Also, it's so soft and easy to wash
when heavily soiled. Gonna add some more to my stash! 

Natasha Lille Deza
raf raf bamboo cloth diapersHi Raf Raf!  Good day!

My baby and I are so happy to discover raf raf, aside from high quality material, the fit is trim. perfect for day and night! I love the prefold charcoal because it protects my baby from leakage! and prevents diaper rash!
Raf Raf therefore is a must have nappy! I will surely purchase more raf raf in the future!
I just wish you have stores here in the Philippines, so we can easily purchase your products.

More power raf raf!
Joy Sosa
------------------------------------------------------------raf raf bamboo cloth diapers
One of Rafraf fanatic mom here...
My LO is exclusive cdying for almost a year. Rafraf is part pf our everyday large rotation especially night time:)
I just only have dark blue horse and red bear on my stash but so far i really love the performance and softness of the cd...
Really love the fitting to my baby's bum and softness of the inner lining of the shell.
Even the shell,they have the perfect combination,for me it really define the true meaning of absorbsency.
I just pre-order black horse and i want to complete my rafraf stash soon especially the horses...

Looking forward for new prints and designs.
Thank you!
Geraldine Cabrido
raf raf bamboo cloth diapersraf raf bamboo cloth diapers------------------------------------------------------------
I can say that this is the best cloth diaper that i used, most specially during night time, it has no leak and is very soft for my baby's skin. Two thumbs up for this.

The fabric is breathable and leaves no mark on my baby's delicate legs.

Thanks Rafraf!

Karen Tolentino-Alot


raf raf bamboo cloth diapers
It's my diaper of choice for going out, playtime and even night use. It has the pretty adorable designs that makes baby's bum look cute and it's soft to touch. Performance wise, it can last upto 6 hours and still no leaks, it fits well and doesn't leave garter marks on baby's thigh, the bamboo charcoal prefold works well in preventing leaks yet gives baby that stay-dry feeling. Can be used as Ai2 and also as a pocket diaper as well. Red bear is my little girl's worn diaper on her 1st birthday, perfect match for her red birthday gown.

Laarme Marie S. Perey
raf raf bamboo cloth diapersraf raf bamboo cloth diapersI love my rafraf diapers! My baby is a super heavy wetter and she leaks out of most of her diapers except rafraf..

They're my nanny's favorite diaper as well because the bamboo charcoal layer stays dry even after the bottom gets wet. Thank you for making such an awesome diaper!

Monica Jalandoni
I first saw rafraf cd thru a friend based in Sg, and loved the prints right away. raf raf bamboo cloth diapers

- raf raf has a very nice to fit crotch and waist for a bay who has chunky legs like mine
- has soft pul, feels like its so thin fabric but never leaks
- it can stand as night cd without leaking with a heavy wetter, tummy and side sleeper baby
- no leaks also as going out nappy, that I experienced with some AI2s
- bigger in size than usuall OFSM, so I know it will go a long with my big baby
- no garter marks
- the bamboo charcoal is a fast stay dry
- the best AI2 we have, not only cute in prints but the materials and performance is just very right for my baby
- the whole package of rafraf cd is very lovable

  Shella Montefalcon
raf raf bamboo cloth diapers
I am using Raf Raf Cloth Diaper for almost a month. I fondly in love with the designs because it is fashionable and attractive. The performance is great, we don't have an issue of leaking especially at night and my son got a good sleep and wake up at morning with a great smile. The new insert is great and very absorbent. The fit is perfect for my son.

With Smile,
Jonaline B. David

                                                                    Happy New Year!
raf raf bamboo cloth diapers
My name is Rhys.  I welcome New Year with my Raf Raf cloth diaper in white with teddy bear design.

My mommy has this to say about my favorite cloth diaper:

- I love the smooth interior of bamboo lining and I know that baby will be super   comfy in it.
- It has a great fit on my baby and leaves no red marks on her thighs.
- The 2 snap inserts and the pockets leave you with various options on how to     customize your baby's absorbency needs.
- Raf Raf cloth diapers are versatile - it can work with other inserts that I        
  already have in my stash.
- Super cute design! I didn't let baby wear the matching pants of her top,  
  otherwise we wouldn't be able to see Mr. Bear!
raf raf bamboo cloth diapersraf raf bamboo cloth diapers
Thank you so much for these diapers. I love them. I gave 2 out of 6 to my unborn nephew and the rest is for my little girl. 

I really am very pleased not only with the diapers but also with how our transaction came about. You're very willing to go beyond just to accomodate me and my orders. And I am not even in SG. More blessings to you and the entire Raf Raf staff.

Roxy Espiritu

Baby's name: Aya Penelope Paige


We are using Raf Raf in combination with Grovia cloth diapers on our new born - between the two Raf Raf is easier to wear, easier to wash, dries faster than Grovia. 
Vimalan Sivasubramaniam, Singapore
Sets Organic Bamboo Washable Baby Cloth Diapers + 12 Bamboo Inserts

Our friend recommended Raf Raf Cloth Diapers to us, so we came to buy 12 sets before returning to Indonesia. 
 Christien and her family, Indonesia
12 Sets Organic Bamboo Washable Baby Cloth Diapers + 12 Bamboo Inserts

Fast shipping! Can’t wait to see how they work! Thanks
Littlebitz Boutique, United States

A++++ seller, highly recommended, will definitely come back, thanks

Nice item, good seller communication
Racquel Mejia, United States

Seller provided prompt response to my queries & items are reasonably priced
Sunflower Lee, Singapore

Item received with thanks
Osman Hiryani, Singapore

Fast and complication free! Great seller, highly recommend!
Darian Katsadoros, Australia

Fast shipping quality product. Thanx
Jeff Wagley, United States

Great product
Paul Morrissey, Australia

Well made, gorgeous and fits well, very happy!
Tamara Manders, Australia

They look gorgeous. Thank you.
Becc Cossart-Walsh, Australia

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