Wash and Care 

Wash & Care Instructions

You've just bought new cloth diapers. Congratulations! Here’s what you need to know about washing and caring for your cloth diapers.


Pre wash the charcoal bamboo (grey) and bamboo (white) inserts 4-5 times before using will increase its absorbency and cause it to fluff up. Washing the inserts removes the natural oils from the fabric that hinders absorption. If the inserts are not washed before using, some of the urine will bead up and roll down the sides of the inserts. After a few washes, the cloth inserts will absorb nicely, leaving the surface fluffy and soft for your baby.

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Washing Soiled Nappies and Inserts :

See below for a quick guide on how you can easily handle soiled cloth diapers.

IMPORTANT Pointers to Note Before Wash:

  •  Do not use fabric softener as it will leave a waxy film and decrease the absorbency of the inserts.
  •  Do not use harsh stain remover. Drying inserts in the sun is the most effective way to remove stains.
  •  Do not use bleaches, enzymes or brighteners. Doing so will cause unnecessary chemical additives to the            fabric and they can be very harmful to baby skin. This will also reduce the life span of the cloth diapers 
  •        and inserts.
  •  Do not use pure soaps. Although the more natural choice in the world of cleaners, the soap scum on                    diapers makes them repel moisture rather than absorb it. It is also harsh on the laminates used in your              diaper covers, making them absorb rather than repel water.
  •  Do not use detergents that contain any of the above additives like softeners, enzymes and brighteners.              Cheap powder detergents sold in stores are a good choice for detergent as they are less likely to contain            these additives.

5 Easy Steps To Wash Your Cloth Diapers

  1. Remove insert from diaper.
  2. Solid baby waste on inserts should be shaken off into the toilet and flushed.
  3. Softer waste can be spray-rinsed with diaper sprayer or mini toilet shower attached in the bathroom.
  4. Rinse and put in washing machine or in separate pail to consolidate wash. No soaking is necessary. Before putting into washing machine, put nappy covers & inserts into separate laundry nets for delicate washing.
  5. Wash your nappies up to 60 degree celsius in normal wash cycle (Gentle Wash). Use only ¼ to ½ of the detergent's recommended amount per wash load. Try not to spin dry if possible.
After the washing is finished, your cloth diapers should smell fresh and clean with no hint of urine, faeces, ammonia or other unpleasant odours. Be sure to take note of any suds left in your final rinse water and re-rinse if needed. Rinsing is one of the most important steps when cleaning your cloth diapers and should not be overlooked!

Once your cloth diapers are clean, they are ready to be line dried. It is
not recommended to use the dryer, unless it has a low heat function.
The heat from the sun will help to sanitize the diapers. Line drying your cloth diapers will save you more money!
IMPORTANT: Bamboo absorbs 30% more water than cotton thus it's important to dry it completely before storage. 


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